World of entertainment and information, where the subscribers can choose various content (Weather, News, Horoscope, Guinness’ records, etc.) and subscribe to its daily updates!

Catch the wave of positive mood and have fun without limits!
Now even more entertainments with the “FunSMS” service!

How to start using this amazing service?
1. Dial on your phone *148*29#;
2. Choose your preferable language;
3. Click on the category that you are interested;
4. Choose your topic;
5. Once you have chosen the right topic, Press “1>Subscribe” in order to subscribe to daily updates!


Horoscopes, Weather, Women secrets, Jokes, Dating ideas, Facts about world, Guinness records, Aphorisms, News, and many other unique and interesting services are awaiting for you at our FunSMS portal !!!

Service fee:
The first day of using FunSMS service is provided for FREE!

Starting with the second day, subscriber will be deducted:
90 TZS for the infotainments services (Weather, News, Exchange rates);
120 TZS for the entertainment services (Horoscopes, Facts about world, Tips, Aphorisms, etc.)

Service number: *148*29#

How to unsubscribe from service:
1) To unsubscribe from 1 certain service:
Subscriber has to dial *148*29#, select 8>My Subscription & Language, then 2>My current subscriptions, choose the unwanted subscription (either 1>, 2>, 3>, etc.) and confirm unsubscription by pressing 1>Yes.
Hence, the unwanted subscription will be deactivated.
2) To unsubscribe from all service at once:
Subscriber has to dial *148*29#, select 8>My Subscription & Language, then 3>Disable all, and confirm by pressing 1>Yes.
Hence, all the services will be deactivated.

Terms and Conditions

- Service is only for HALOTEL subscribers.

- SMS with content is sent daily only to subscribers with successful subscription charging.

- In case subscriber is unsuccessfully charged for 60 days in a row – subscription will be automatically deactivated.