Halo Beatz

Halo beatz Is the service that allows you to set a personalized ring back tone to play for your callers your chosen song, tune or melody instead of your regular ring tone

Turn off the regular ‘tring tring’ caller ring back tune and turn on your favorite songs for your friends to listen when they call you.

How to use the service

You can activate HALO BEATZ service through SMS/USSD/IVR/STK or Midundo Music Portal  as follows.

    -Dial *15607*1# 

    -Send  an SMS ' ON' to 15607 to activate HALO BEATZ service on your number.

     -Through STK ,just look the icon SIM Tool Kit (STK) on your phone, then click it and will display the information.

     Click BONGO BEATZ to register

    - To Download RBT: Type GET <space> song code and send to 15607.

    - To gift RBT: Type SEND <space> song code <space> B-Party Number  and send to 15607.

    - To get the list of available RBT, Type LIST and send to 15607

     - To view the list of new RBTs available Type NEW and send to 15607

     - To get the list of available RBT, Type LIST and send to 15607

     - Also you can simply press STAR (*) while calling your friends or family if you wish to copy the tune they have set as their caller tunes.

Service fee

This  service is charging:

  • Subscription Fee : Free and get 1 day Freey 
  • Daily package: Tsh 30/Day
  • Download/Present Fee:Tsh 100/Song/Week
  • Call to IVR Tsh 10/Minute

Terms and Conditions

   - Must be a Halotel's subscriber 

   -Service will cancel after 180 days of charging unsuccessful 

   Dear Customer! For your more convenience and helpful information, you can Send HELP to 15607 or dial 0620100100