Halo Game

Is a subscription based mobile portal which offer unlimited mobile games to download and play as long as you have an active subscription. To play and downloading is by accessing portal link www.halogame.co.tz and subscribe to one of the service packages.

How to Use The Service

Service can be accessed via two channels

- WAP channel

      Link: www.halogame.co.tz for registration and cancellation of service packages.

- SMS Channel: This is used for receiving sms notification for successfully and         unsuccessfully registration and cancellation service packages.

Service advantages

-It brings enjoyments and entertainments, through downloading unlimited number of  games such as shooter, racing, action, Strategy Traditional, adventure, etc

-It non android platform smartphones Windows, IOS to play unlimited number of games online

Service fee

-Daily package: 100Tsh/Day

- Weekly package: 500Tsh/Week

-Monthly package: 1000Tsh/Month

Service policy

-        A service is only for HALOTEL's subscribers with smartphones.

-        Subscribers are in two-ways active.

-        Games can be played online for IOS, Windows platforms smartphones.

-        Games can be downloaded for android platforms smartphones.