Halotel celebrates one year anniversary with a new service launch



A Mobile phone company, Halotel Tanzania, is today celebrating a one year of its service since it started its operations in Tanzania For all that time, the company has managed to achieve its goals to the maximum, which includes increasing of number for its subscribers. According to the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA), Halotel had a number of 3.5 million subscribers up to September, 2016.

Also the TCRA report of 1st and 2nd quarter shows that, Halotel is declared the fastest telecom company in growth rates of subscribers.

Speaking to the journalists in Dar es Salaam, The Halotel Managing Director, Mr Do Manh Hung, said that “the achievements were contributed by the cooperation of staffs as well as creativity of the company itself”

He said, currently, Halotel has provided the best IT Solution service to the biggest companies namely CRDB, NMB, BOA, FINCA, EXIM, SNV-Southern Netherlands and Development Organization.

According to Mr Hung, the company decided to introduce different packages that include; Halo Packages, Students Package, CUG which covers the Government staffs, soldiers, police and teachers who are given free 15 minutes every day for communication for 01 year.

“Our aim is to make sure that, we compete with others in the industry. To prove this, our services have been very well received in the market and we feel proud off of being one of the best telecommunication company in Tanzania”.

“We have dedicated our resources to improve our infrastructures. For example, up to now, we have built more than 20,000 kilometres of optic fibber and more than 4,200 of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS’s), we have brought the broadband mobile service to 3,000 villages which had not been connected before”.

“That is the first step in the process popularizing telecommunications in Tanzania. We also planning to deploy a lot of BTS in 1,000 villages that did not have telecommunication service before. At the end of the day, our aim is to go the extra miles by making our services better and affordable,” he said.

In fact Halotel quality services is widely appreciated by community. Mr. Hussein Sungura from Namayuni ward in Lindi region on behalf of his fellow villagers said “We thank Halotel very much the new Mobile network for remembering that there are people living in this area and installed the network tower in our ward, before we had no any access to telecommunication service. We were travelling far looking for this service so that we can communicate with other people through a mobile phone”.

Mr.Tiko Davis from Dar es Salaam said “Halote’s 3G internet has the fastest speed ever which enables him complete his business tasks and communicate on social media smoothly”


The Minister of Works, Transport and Communication Professor Makame Mbarawa had this to say when he was interviewed at the beginning of the 2016, “Government had the program to bring the telecommunication service to all villages in Tanzania. Halotel came and proposed to invest in villages, and make the agreement with the government that they should provide 18,000 villages with telecom service through fiber optic and in each district Halotel to provide 3 schools with fiber internet service freely for 3 years, connect the hospitals, police office and local government offices with the optical cable. Until March 2016 Halotel has brought to 18,000 villages with the quality telecom service, everywhere I travel I find this. Halotel will continue doing this as the aim is all Tanzanians get the modern telecom service”.

On Top of that, Halotel has paid huge amount to the government Total Tax amount more than 94 billion TSH, approximately 43 Million US Dollar since 2015.

Like all others investors, Halotel is contributing to the development by supporting community. To date the company has created 25,000 indirect jobs and 1,300 direct jobs to Tanzanians, implementation of social programs; including Free Internet to 450 schools within 3 years. In Katavi and Pwani constructed the internet rooms and provided them with full modern equipment’s.

Halotel also committed to help the local authority to do the management work effectively, connected optic cable internet to local authorities (150 committee offices, 150 Hospitals, 150 Police stations, 65 post offices at district level.

Recently, Halotel has donated Tsh 15,000,000 to support the victims in Kagera Earthquake.

Sharing strategic objectives in the near future, Mr Hung emphasized that, “Halotel’s target is to increase the number of subscribers to 7 Million until the end of 2017, and 3 million subscribers using Halopesa service until the end of 2017.

“Halotel will invest more for network expansion to cover the 95% of the Tanzanian Population country wide until the end of this year and to provide 4G service in 2017. Halotel will also deploy the fiber optic everywhere in the country and make Tanzania among top in Africa in using the network with fiber optic infrastructure. And according to fiber optic cable, Information technology will be popular in all areas of social life and  support to build the Electronic System for Tanzania Government”, he said.

Halotel always consider that business development goes with social responsibilities and contribute to promoting good traditional relationship between two country Tanzania and Vietnam.

On this occasion Mr Hung also pleased to declare to launch a new service ‘HALOPESA’.

“Halopesa as a brand name, starting with the meaning of HALO, HALO stands for greetings “Jambo”, “Habari” and PESA stands for “Money”. The access code is *150*88#

“By using Halopesa, subscribers will be able to Cash in and out, receive money to and from Bank Account, Payment utility bills for example LUKU, DAWASCO, and TV subscription-ZUKU, GEPF, TCU and POLICE; buy Halotel airtime.

He encouraged subscribers to use Halopesa adding that, is the largest network and fastest speed transaction of 95% of Tanzania population both in town and villages. “It is possible to transfer up to Tsh 3 million once in everywhere in Tanzania” he clarified.

About Halotel

Halotel is the brand name of Viettel Tanzania Ltd, a member of Viettel Group. Viettel is the biggest telecom group in Vietnam with nearly USD 11 billion revenue in 2015. Apart from Vietnam, Viettel has invested in telecommunications sector in 10 countries across 03 continents, including; Cambodia, Laos, Timor Leste, Myanma for Asia Mozambique, Cameroon, Burundi, Tanzania for Africa and Haiti, Peru for America. We officially launched on 15 Oct 2015, providing our mobile service at 30 shops across the country.

With a total value investment of 1 billion US dollars, after constructing and installing network infrastructure in just one year, Halotel’s operations in Tanzania have already expanded services to all 26 regions in the country across rural and urban areas.

Halotel is a partnership between the government of Vietnam and Tanzania, and therefore Halotel will always abide by the governing laws of Tanzania for the investment to benefit both countries and citizens.