Halotel contributed to Kagera tragedy


Halotel telecom company has contributed 15,0450,000 to the families who loss their beloved ones due to Kagera earthquake tragedy, in 10th October 2016. The  earth quake  tragedy in Kagera Region caused a lot of destructions of houses, infrastructures and death.

The Kagera Regional Commissioner, Salim Kijuu, informed the minister that Kagera Earth quack has caused damaged infrastructure in public buildings including schools, hospitals and dispensaries. He to said that 17 people died, 440 were injured, 2,072 houses collapsed and 14,595 houses developed major cracks.

Halotel always consider that business development goes with social responsibilities and contribute to promoting good traditional relationship between two country Tanzania and Vietnam. Halotel was touched by the tragedy and contributed sum of 15,045, as a condolences to the faimiles who loss their beloved once.17 people loss their lives due to earth quake tragedy  in Kagera.

Stellar Pius, Communication Officer said, ‘Halotel family believe that if One suffer we all suffer, togetherness is strength and courage. Therefore as one family we believe that need of material support and emotional support helped the victim in somehow to recover from tragedy happened’.