Halotel Introduces Eco Bundle



·         Tanzanians to get 90 minutes, 450mbs and 500SMSes for Tshs5000 per month. 

·         Package targets low, medium and high-income persons.

Dar es Salaam, 25 September, 2017 ... The cost of communications services continues to be a challenge for Tanzanians, despite continuous growth and development of technology across the country. Although various telecommunications companies have tried to introduce lower tariffs, Tanzanians are still struggling to use their mobile phones.

To counter this challenge, Halotel Tanzania has introduced Eco Bundle, a package that will see Tanzanians make a monthly subscription of minutes, internet and SMSes at an affordable rate.

Speaking on the new development, Halotel Tanzania Deputy Managing Director, Mr.  Nguyen van Son, noted that Eco Bundle is targeting low, average, and high income-earners in Tanzania.

“For instance, individuals who spend Tshs500 or Tshs1000 worth of airtime per day can subscribe to Eco Bundle for Tshs5000 and get 90 minutes talk time across all networks, 450mbs and 500 SMSes,” said Son, adding that “Should either of the above run out during the month, one can subscribe to Eco Extra and renew either minutes, MBs or SMSes. If one does not subscribe to Eco Extra, there is the option of spending Tshs1 per second across all networks, Tshs5 for 1MB and Tshs5 per SMS.”

According to Mr. Son, one has an option of choosing a bundle that will automatically renew itself once it runs out, or an option of renewing it themselves.

For two years now, since we started operating in Tanzania, our goal has been to offer as affordable services as possible to Tanzanians. We shall continue doing so in days and years to come to enable our customers to communicate with ease. Our customers are spread all over different economic sectors and we shall provide them with their preferred communication packages to enable them carry out their duties without any communication challenges, “Said Mr. Son.

He further concluded by notifying that besides providing quality services with affordable price, Halotel will always try their best to introduce more new and innovative products and services which fit with each customer demand, satisfying customer demand will always be companies priority.