• Nawezaje kufahamu huduma za Halotel?

    Bonyeza *148*66# kupata vifurushi vya halotel

  • Jinsi ya kupangilia mfumo wa intaneti kwenye simu?

    Mfumo> mobile network>Access point names>Add new APN>NAME(HALOTEL)>APN (INTERNET) >APN TYPE (DEFAULT)>hifadhi

  • Halotel MB ni nini?

    Kiwango cha intaneti.

  • Je ntaangaliaje salio la intaneti?

    Bonyeza *148*66# chagua namba 8

  • Winjiza gute serevisi y’umuhora interenete?

    Fyonda *150#OK, uhitemwo umutekero wipfuza

  • Nogura gute umutekero w’inyongera?

    Fyonda *140# hanyuma uhitemwo umutekero ushatse

  • Natumaje tafadhali nipigie.

    Bonyeza *140* namba ya simu ya umpigie #

  • Natumaje muda wa maongezi kwa namba nyingine?

    Bonyeza *101* namba ya simu ya umtumiaye* kiasi#

  • Naangaliaje salio

    Bonyeza * 102#

  • Naongezaje salio?

    Bonyeza *104*namba za vocha#

  • Nabadilishaje lugha ya matumizi?

    Bonyeza *148*66# alafu chagua 9

  • Najuaje namba yangu ya simu?


  • Naanzishaje laini yangu ya simu?

    Piga 100 kisha weka salio kuanzia Tsh. 500 kwenye simu yako.

Pemba Shop


Pwani Shop

behind bus station - Maili moja - kibaha - pwani

Lindi Shop

P.O.BOX 1000 Lindi

Nyamagana Shop

Plot 19 Block K- Kenyatta Road street- Mwanza Town

Morogoro Shop

Plot Number 10 Lumumba road, Morogoro town , Morogoro

Dodoma Shop

Plot no 6 Block “O” Uhindini street

Mbeya Shop

P.O.Box 965, Ward Ruanda, Soweto street, Plot No.536 block Q

Mara Shop

Mukendo Road Musoma Municipil Mara

Mtwara Shop

Plot no.24-Block 10A Agakhan Road-Mtwaratown

Kilimanjaro Shop

Sanduku la Posta 8682

Kagera Shop


Arusha Shop

At the fist floor - TBA Building, Wachaga Rd, Levolosi ward

Iringa Shop

P.O.Box 1406-Iringa

Kigoma Shop

P.O.Box 199 Kigoma, Tanzania

Mkuki Shop

Mkuki shopping center

Mobile Plaza Shop

Mobile Plaza, Dar es Salaam

Kanyosha Shop

No 174, RN3, Quartier Gisyo, Kanyosha

Kirundo Shop

Quartier Kavogero, Kirundo

Kuhusu sisi


Halotel is the brand name of Viettel Tanzania Ltd, a member of Viettel Group. Viettel is the biggest telecom group in Vietnam with nearly USD 11 billion revenue in 2015. Apart from Vietnam, Viettel has invested in telecommunications sector in 10 countries across 03 continents, including; Cambodia, Laos, Timor Leste, Myanma for Asia Mozambique, Cameroon, Burundi, Tanzania for Africa and Haiti, Peru for America. We officially launched on 15 Oct 2015, providing our mobile service at 30 shops across the country.

Halotel has performed investigation and design of the network since 2012, and is expected to start network infrastructure construction in the third quarter of 2015. The company targets to cover 95% population, especially in rural areas, with mobile services, to deploy fiber optic cable network across the country to reach villages/communes, to ensure the best quality of the network and to set up a system of shops up to villages level for Tanzania easy to access telecom services.

Halotel strongly believes that, thanks to its prominent advantages in network infrastructure, distribution channels, customers care services and a resource of high quality ICT engineers, we are able to provide mobile services, high speed optical internet, leased line service... of high quality and at reasonable price for individuals, organizations and enterprises.

A long with achieving business targets, Halotel also realizes its commitments with the Government, local authorities and Tanzanian people to bring mobile signal to thousands of unserved villages across the country; to provide optic fiber transmission line for district committees, police offices, public hospitals and post offices in districts; and furthermore, to provide free internet access for public schools nationwide...These efforts will help people in rural areas access information easily, apply information and communications technology to daily life, and contribute to the development of the economy of Tanzania.


Each customer is considered an individual: Listening to and understanding each customer’s requirement in order that they can receive individually tailored service.

Business development goes with social responsibilities: The development of society is the foundation for business growth, hence companies should take action to improve and develop the society in which they operate in.

Human resources are the key to development: Each Halotel employee should be happy and play a creative role; therefore a good working environment is essential.


Always be pioneer in innovations. Always listen and care for the customers.


Our Company has to continuously innovate and personalize information technology, telecommunications and digital content services to to deliver the best value to the Tanzanian people.


Creativity is our vitality

Create differences because we have to choose “differentiate or die”. Creativity means new thinking on same old things. Even the smallest idea should be respected and encouraged. Creativity is not only for our internal employees, it should be inspired to our customers

Changing is our competitive strength

Our strength lies in our ability of immediate response and change. We consider “change to adapt” is normal. We should continuously think to adjust our strategy and organization to a more suitability.

Discipline is our tradition

Our company builds fair disciplines in a manner of unity, accepting hardships within flesh and blood bonds. It also request us to fulfill our tasks immediately, aggressively and completely

Our thinking is strategic

Every man is a brick to build this house. Respect each other from the smallest things. Work in teams to develop individually. Each member is like an indispensable part of the body.

Company is our home

Everyone will be a brick to build our home together. Every member of our home is indispensable. We should respect each other from the smallest actions. Team working is very important because it will develop our personal ability.


With the emergence of a new mobile network Halotel, customers also can receive more benefits. Halotel have the largest coverage and the sales distribution system that make the services available to customer wherever they need.

Service of Halotel is for all customers, whether they are in the urban or remote areas, whether they are rich or poor, they will always find the best services tailored for them at Halotel.